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 Tinga/Penny Smith/X5-656

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Rachel Guevara

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PostSubject: Tinga/Penny Smith/X5-656   Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:24 pm

Tinga/Penny Smith/X5-656

Portrayed by Lisa Ann Cabasa (Season 1)
Tinga is another escapee with Max and the others. She manages to assimilate into normal society, marry Charlie Smith (Sebastian Spence), have a child named Case, and work in a bakery. In "The Kidz are Alright", she escapes to Canada with Zack, returns for her family in "Hit a Sista Back", and is then captured by Manticore in exchange for her son's return.

Her capture and death has a very strong influence in Lydecker's decision to defect from Manticore
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Tinga/Penny Smith/X5-656
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