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Portrayed by William Gregory Lee (Seasons 1–2)
Zack is Max's unit leader at Manticore, and the original escape is his idea. He is very protective of his fellow escapees, especially Max, and does not trust regular humans. He more than often expresses dislike of Max's close bond with Logan Cale. Zack originally returns to Max's life by getting a job at the Jam Pony, and posing as a man named Sam. Logan finds out that somebody had a procedure to remove a bar code tattoo from his neck recently, and this is revealed to be Sam/Zack. Zack leaves briefly, but returns in need of Max's help several times, at which she helps him. In the episode "And Jesus Brought a Casserole" he sacrifices himself to save Max by giving her his heart. He is shown in flashbacks of Max's memories when she reflects on her losing him. However, he returns in the episode "Some Assembly Required" without any memory of who he is, and part machine. After seeing Max and spending time with her, he remembers everything through flashes of memory. This leads to problems because, due to flashes of intimate memories of hugging Max or being close to her, he falls under the impression they were romantically involved. When he attempts to kiss Max, she rejects him and this brings flashes of Max kissing Logan back to him. Certain Logan is the problem, he goes after Logan, but is prevented from killing him when Max interferes and electrocutes him. Logan's doctor contact studies him and informs them that his memory has been wiped clean again, but they cannot change him trying to hurt Logan, and the same situation will play out again. Max is forced to let him go. Zack wakes up in a hospital, with a man sitting at his bedside who claims to be Zack's employer at a farm. The farmer offers to take Zack home for a hot meal. Zack agrees, not remembering, but accepting this is what his life was before the "accident". While leaving the hospital, he stops and stares at a girl sitting in the waiting room, Max, and asks if he knows her, but she says no, and he is wheeled off for the new, normal life he always wanted
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